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Have you ever told someone about a dream you had, then the very same thing happened the next day? Or maybe you had a passing thought of a song and it came on the radio five minutes later? Perhaps you’ve seen things out of the corner of your eye when walking past a doorway in the hall.

Many people will tell you these experiences are coincidences and nothing to be paid attention to, but somehow you know it means something. What is the message, here? Is God speaking to you? You really don’t know.

I had a friend say to me recently, “I wish I was a psychic medium.” We were watching a ghost hunting show; it was an offhand remark in passing. What she didn’t realize at the time is that anyone can be psychic, if they are willing to be open and listen to the messages the universe puts forth. Once that bridge is built, the mind becomes more open to spirits as well.

Your messages may come to you in many forms: smells, sounds, finding random objects that seem to be there just for you. The list is endless. What matters is that the things you notice are what give the meaningful coincidences, or “synchronicities” (Jung) weight in your mind. That thing or feeling caught your attention.

What Does It Mean to Be Psychic?

The word psychic is relative to the word psyche, which is Greek for soul. To be psychic may include mediumship and energy healing, but it also pertains to visual awareness and manifestation, as well as feelings and intuitive guidance. My own gifts would likely be classified as clairvoyant (clear-seeing) and clairsentient (clear-knowing). I can also communicate with spirits in specialized ways, most uniquely through my paintings.

As a professional tarot reader and tasseomancer (I read tea leaves, too), I’ve come across people who believe being a psychic means you can speak to those on the other side. Last summer, I was asked by a woman at a traveling psychic fair if I was a psychic; of course, my answer was yes. However, when she asked if I could help her speak to a deceased loved one, my answer was a resounding no. I carefully guided her to the right person for that reading. I did the same months later with an energy healing for another client. I recognized quickly that being psychic means different things to different people.

Because there are so many kinds of psychic talents, I believe it is important to clarify to others what I can and cannot do for them. My goal for Esoteric Dreamers is to enlighten, inform, and guide people through their spiritual paths to the best of my ability. Esoteric means for the few, but I welcome all who are open-minded enough to seek out answers beyond the everyday.

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