Psychic Saturday

October 17th, 2020 at the Enlightened Soul Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Yesterday marks the first day I worked as a Tarot reader for a professional event. I have read cards for nearly five years now, but no matter how good I got at my practice, I never felt “ready” to dive into something like this.

However, despite my hesitation, I went through with the party and it turned out to be an excellent experience. Meeting with the other women helped me to gain insight into other methods I may not have seen elsewhere.

Each step is one more on the journey I make every day towards my brightest light. I see that working near others with similar talents can help guide me on the path as well. Just feeling grateful for the opportunity and experience.

Blessed be.

Published by Heather Defresne

Heather Defresne is a clairvoyant artist who channels psychic messages through dreams and paintings. Through the use of various mediums, Heather attunes to the frequency needed to receive subconscious and spirit messages, then interprets the information to her querents with accuracy.

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