Why Tarot?

Why Tarot, anyhow? I read tarot because I need to. It is not something I really choose at this point – though sometimes I do intentionally make efforts to read for myself when I should be doing something else (distraction).

There was a time, about six years ago, when I did not know the cards. They were a foreign concept to me and there was NO WAY I could learn them all. And to think that I also needed to learn how the cards interact with each other like elements on the periodic table, how can a person possibly remember all those combinations?

The point is, you can’t. You cannot memorize the Tarot and hope to understand it fully. There comes a time when memorization of each card, suit, etc. will not answer the question in front of you. It is up to YOU to figure it out.

This is one reason why we get so complacent, I believe; we expect others to fix our problems for us. We get sick, go to the doctor, and get told what is wrong with us. If it is a mental health problem, we are prescribed pills and regular therapy visits to help us cope. My favorite part about therapy however – other than the ridiculous, unaffordable costs – is the fact that YOU do the work. The therapist rarely gives advice. The therapist is merely there to guide us on our path to the questions we must answer for ourselves.

Tarot cards can do this too. And for way less money. I’m not saying quit going to the therapist – after all, it is up to each person to determine whether she or he needs such help, because we are all unique. However, if you can sort out some of your own problems by spending time with the cards, why wouldn’t you?

Mental health challenges don’t offer many options – as someone who struggles with bipolar disorder, I know this all too well. Typically, it’s a prescription, therapy, and mindfulness techniques, right? The Tarot is a form of meditation, which allows us to look at things from a different perspective and provides opportunities for introspection.

That being said, isn’t this just one more way to be mindful and self-aware?

If you are open to learning more about yourself, I highly suggest the Tarot. It has saved my life (and my light.)

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