Four of Cups – An Offering, Not (Yet) Accepted

Since I started Esoteric Dreamers, I have been distracted by feelings of whether my approach is appropriate for the market I am trying to reach. Should I keep my personal story to a minimum and talk only about the cards, and what they mean? Should I avoid politics and religion? Should I only view my readers as potential customers?

The answer to those questions, in regards to marketing, would likely be yes. Keep your shit to yourself, Heather. People don’t want to hear about YOU, they want to know how you can help them understand themselves better. How is your story special and why would anyone want to read about you, when they have their own problems to worry about?

This is not easy to admit, but my story is not any more special than anyone else’s. However, it is unique, while simultaneously mundane and drab; like an old, worn-out hat that you just don’t want to give up for some reason.

“Four of Cups” July 2019 – Esoteric Dreamers/Heather

The four of cups is a metaphor for how I feel about my ability to share tarot with the world at this moment. I have a lot to bring to the table for others (the hand offering the cup floating toward the man under the tree), yet people do not seem very receptive to my approach – at least, not yet. I have great responses when I am able to connect with people directly, but marketing myself is not my strong area. My offering is not powerful enough to reach the audience through this method.

Conversely, I could also be the man under the tree. Perhaps I should look up from my cards for a bit and look out to see what is out in the world. How can I reach my audience where they are at? I believe that is they key. With the pandemic, it is critical to stay home, so I have not approached others on the outside (of my house). That may be what I have to do eventually, when the numbers begin to recede. For now, I must continue to learn and educate myself about the cards until that day comes.

So why don’t I change my approach, you might wonder? I talk about my personal experiences because I believe it is important for people to understand how the cards apply to real-life situations. There are only 78 cards in the Tarot but an exponential number of possibilities one may encounter on his/her life path. This forces us to apply the cards to our own scenarios, not vice versa.

It is kind of like the law; there are laws written on the books which lawyers must find and use to apply to each case. A case is unique to its own circumstances, but the standard of law is applied to the case, not the other way around. This is true with the cards as well.

By sharing my personal story, I believe it opens people to seeing how the cards are used by others for their own problems. It is a fine line – to be aware of not oversharing.

“Belle Isle” June 2020 – Esoteric Dreamers/Heather

However, I can only be who I am. If I am authentic with myself, people will respond to that. If not, then maybe now is not the time for me to be focused on others and I need more time for reflection under the willow tree.



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