Connecting Tarot and Astrology

Last summer, I purchased a copy of the Black Moon Astrology oracle deck, which happened to be one of the better choices I made in 2020. The cool thing about this deck is that it assigns an appropriate Tarot card to each astrological aspect, as a quick reference tool for people who use the Tarot. For example, Gemini = The Lovers, Capricorn = The Devil, etc.

To the average Tarot reader, this is likely excessive information. If you are an intuitive reader, it is even possible that you don’t know the standard meaning of the cards, and you just go off what you feel during a reading. Since Tarot is so personal, I choose to accept most methods out there, as long as the reader is ethical and getting accurate results.

For me, however, I like knowledge and information. Mercury is in Conjunction with the Sun and Venus in my natal chart, which explains a lot. If you know a little about astrology, you will understand what I mean by that. However, for the novice, that probably sounds a bit “out there,” in terms of comprehension.

How The Decks Relate

The Major Arcana (MA) in the Tarot contains 22 cards, which equals nearly MA two cards per astrological sign. The elementals come into play heavily when figuring out the associations because (generally) each Tarot card is also associated with an element: Earth, Air, Fire, or Water.

On The Magician card, we can go out on a limb and say he contains ether, in addition to the other four elements on the card. The Wheel of Fortune and The World contain all four elementals as well, as depicted by the creatures in the corners of each card. This imagery I’m describing is based on the Rider-Waite-Smith deck; as most of you are aware, the actual images on the cards vary across the gallery of decks out there.

Once we figure out the elements of each MA card, we can begin to determine which cards associate with each planet and astrological sign. Since there are only 22 MA cards, as noted previously, this leaves us with two signs which only have one card – that is, unless you double up the Moon (18) with Cancer and Pisces, which I feel to be appropriate.

Finally, you have the 12 Houses in the astrological chart, which (surprise, surpise!) also correspond with the MA. See the chart I have created below for a visual representation. Minor Arcana (ma) cards listed within the chart associate with each specific house; i.e. 8th house is equivalent to the Ten of Swords. The MA cards relate to the Planet/Sign; i.e. Scorpio is equivalent to the Death card.

My basic version of the 12 House Chart – I know it’s not symmetrical, please pretend it is!

How the Chakras Play Into It

Since the elements also align with the seven chakras, we can also view the 12 Houses as a wheel of color to show how each house/sign aligns. Some of the signs/houses contain more than one appropriate chakra, but for the sake of clarity, I have selected the color/chakra based on the elemental of the sign.

Additional chakra associations are listed in the first chart, above. In that chart, you will also find the best stones which match the need of the sign, or the chakra which aligns with that sign. For example, I am a Taurus Sun sign, so I would look up the 2nd house and find that it is ruled by the heart chakra. Stones which work best for this sign/chakra alignment include Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, and Lepidolite. For reference, I also included the best plants and some of the Deities which are associated with each sign.

Capricorn is the missing red piece of the pie on this chart; not listed in the legend – thanks, Google docs!

Why Does Any of This Matter?

The Tarot is a language of its own – a pictorial language which speaks to the subconscious. When we learn the correspondences of each card, it gives more breadth to our understanding of the cards, in particular, the heavy hitters of the Major Arcana. If I asked you about the Devil card before you read this article, would you have known that the card is ruled by Capricorn and is thus an Earth elemental? If you knew that, you would also likely know that the Devil rules time as well.

Subtle nuances are the key to being guided by intuition. However, associations give you a deeper understanding of how everything is connected. And isn’t that the whole point?

Much love,

Heather XO

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