Finding Tranquility in The 313

“It’s all part of the process

We all love looking down

All we want is some success

But the chance is never around”

Morcheeba, Part of the Process (1998)

So I finally did it, y’all. I found a little place that welcomed me into their space to create my own world inside. Yes, it’s in the mall, and no, it’s not busy…yet. We open “officially” on Friday, August the 13th, 2021 in Livonia, Michigan. I say officially because I have already been there for a few weeks. And I didn’t even tell you guys; my apologies to you for the delay!

Lucky 13

Thirteen is a powerful number for me right now because my daughter turned that very age, yesterday, July 16th. In the Tarot, 13 represents the Death card in the Major Arcana. In this case, the death here would be her young childhood. It’s over now. She’s a teen. I’m okay with that.

As for the store, which also contains “13” in the name – Tranquility 313 – we will be doing the same thing that upcoming Friday in August; crossing over from the threshold of being in the chrysalis stage into the butterfly. The soft opening was on July 2nd, and I had a little business that weekend – but I advertised. Last week, I wasn’t going to be in the store much, (or working this weekend since it’s my kid’s birthday) so I opted out of spending any money on advertising. The results reflected my decision, and I had zero clients come in the store to see me this week. Sad face : (

Soft Opening 7/2/21 (Left to right): Moonlight Rose, Amina Brown, Heather Defresne

I’ve been reading Tarot for five years, so it’s not my abilities which are causing the problem. The real issue is my choices regarding making myself known to the outside world, but for some reason I have trouble with this. I avoid marketing; I truly dislike doing it.

I don’t think it’s because I’m oh so humble, it’s more about fear of rejection. But why? What am I so afraid of? I used to do cold-calling and I truly loathed the hundreds of hang-ups. Yuck. Maybe it’s something to do with that, but I think it’s more of a subconscious problem, that I don’t believe enough in myself. Not my talents, but who I am. My shadow fools me into this belief, then I take no action because (subconsciously) I believe I don’t deserve to succeed. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Getting back to the number 13, however, if we add the two numbers together 1+3, we get 4, which is the Emperor card. The Emperor is about accountability for one’s choices; ruling over one’s domain with a firm understanding of the power and responsibility involved.

This is the important part of the message here because it reflects how I need to approach the situation in front of me. I need clients, so how do I get them? This is the question many new business owners are asking themselves, not just me. It’s the very reason I choose to write this blog – I want to expand my presence on the internet while sharing my journey with others, so you may (hopefully) learn from my experiences.

Chiron, 2nd House, and Healing from Trauma

I’m a Taurus, and I love comfort. The stereotype is true, at least in my case! My spot at T313 is designed to make people feel like they are in a private space in my home. It’s a whole vibe; I want others to experience my energy in a visual/physical way when they enter my reading room. However, my natural Taurean desire to move slowly is not aligning with my overwhelming need to make money, also a Taurean issue – Taurus rules 2nd House.

If you paid attention to astrology this week, you probably saw that Chiron went into retrograde on the 15th of July. (Chiron is an asteroid which rotates between Saturn and Uranus, which rule the 10th & 11th Houses.) Chiron’s symbol is the Key and it represents healing. Depending on where Chiron is on your natal chart, this is where you will need the most healing in life. Since it is now in retrograde until December 19th, this means we will heal best by reflecting within ourselves rather than going to others for guidance. This is a bummer for people in my industry specifically, but what can I do about it?

Reflect. Heal. Grow.

My Chiron is in Taurus – as is so much of my birth chart. As a healing aspect, it means I need to recover in the area of security. I have not had a secure, safe life. In fact, it has rarely felt that way except for in the last few years.

My birth chart, look at all that Taurus energy in the 8th and 9th houses!

Even then, despite having a stable home, I have Five of Pentacles moments on the regular because there is trauma there. It never goes away. I was homeless three times in the past; that affects how you think and plan, compared to people who have never experienced it. Once you’ve been homeless, you see the world through a different lens. Think: scarcity versus abundance.

It’s this fear of poverty which has driven my choices in the past and still perpetuates them to this very day. What if I don’t have enough readings before the end of the month to pay rent? What if my car breaks down? What if the surgery goes wrong? What if…?

Five of Pentacles mindset, or FOPM, can really drive a person mad sometimes. I think this is what leads people to commit horrible crimes, in some cases. Think of the wife who kills her husband for the insurance money, or vice-versa. Or the guy who robs the liquor store for a couple hundred bucks to pay his light bill because it’s going to get shut off and he has a baby at home. It’s sad, but this is the state of the world.

This is the best we can do, folks.” – George Carlin

13 as the Message for Healing the 2nd House

Again, reverting to Numerology, we can see if we take the number 13 make it into a subtraction equation, we get either 3-1 = 2 or 1-3= -2. Either way, we wind up with the number 2, which shall represent the 2nd House, for all intents and purposes here. The message here is that 13 is the key to healing the Second House of Owning.

If we look at the 2 as a negative, it would be the equivalent of a reversal in the Tarot; in this case, Two of Pentacles in reverse. Again, the second house is about security and balancing finances, so a reversed 2 of P would indicate an inability to do this. So how does the 13 come into play, then?

The Death card is not reflective of an actual death in the Tarot – at least, not usually. It is more representative of an ending, a transformation. Leaving behind the old ways of thinking and believing in order to change and transition into a higher way of living.

Black Moon Astrology Oracle Deck – Scorpio

Scorpio rules the Death card, so for my own personal healing, I believe it would be wise to look into the Scorpion aspects of my natal chart to see where I need the most work. The 8th House is the house of Sex and Death and ruled by Pluto and Scorpio, so that’s probably where I need to begin my retrospective journey. Oh wait, I just realized, my Chiron is in the 8th House in my chart, so yeah…ha ha, Universe. Thanks for the reinforcement.

Ancient Egypt is Somehow Involved

I haven’t figured it out yet, but Egypt is connected to my healing, I don’t know why. Today is Isis’ birthday, so I know it’s not a coincidence that she and other Egyptian aspects continue to arrive in my life. I will have to talk about that in another post because there’s too much to cover here.

My client drew this on his very first reading; first card pull, nine days ago on July 8th

In the meantime, Happy Birthday to Rose, Tonin, Shannon, Morgan, Ida B. Wells, Isis, and anyone else I missed who shares this birthday weekend. I wish you all the roses in the fields!

With Love,

Heather Defresne

P.S. The “313” in our store name is for the Detroit area code – we are in the metro Detroit area. Hope to see you all soon!

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