I Am The Magician

Two nights ago, I went to an impromptu birthday party at a friend’s house. I didn’t know most of the people there, and I can honestly say ten years ago there is no way that would have happened. Social anxiety, large groups, and parties were the bane of my existence back then. 

To be clear, I still struggle with crowds. I love a good concert, but my overwhelming fear of being trapped in and unable to escape keeps me from enjoying myself. This is why, before COVID, you’d typically find me in the basement at a St. Andrew’s Hall show: fewer people in the crowd.

However, on Saturday night I didn’t feel this way. There was a magic in the air. The sky was heavy with clouds and electricity was everywhere, so that you could feel it. We played instruments, and I discovered my friend also has a theremin.

I said, “What are the chances that two women who met working at a psychic fair would both own theremins? I’d like to know the odds of that in Vegas!” She is also a Taurus, so I don’t know if it’s a Taurus thing?

At one point, I was playing with her Moog (it’s much nicer than my own piece) and she was on the drums. We had a bass player and her man, the birthday boy, was on guitar. I finally understood that feeling musicians get when they are on stage, just groovin’. It was a beautiful experience. 

It was at this time when I felt the electricity coming into my fingers the strongest, so powerful. I was giving and receiving the energy through the sound waves. There’s really nothing like it. Maybe it is what Ben Franklin felt when he was holding that kite with the key on it. 

Which brings me to the card which aligns best with what I experienced that night, The Magician. There was a man at her house who told me his number is one, as in “the loneliest number.” I countered that the number one is related to the Magician card, who waves his wand and creates change through alchemy with the tools laid on his altar. In this man’s case, his tools of choice are his musical instruments. It was well-received (and much less depressing than his original association.)

The Magician (Rider-Waite-Smith) and Planet Mercury (Black Moon Astrology)

Alchemy works through the transformation of one energy into another, so music is an apt comparison. In fact, I felt as though I was the Magician on that card when I played the theremin that evening. Bang. Pow. Straight…to the Moog. 

Before I left to drive home in the rain, we concluded with a tiny drum circle on a bamboo mat outside during the lightning storm. I was nervous on the Djembe at first, since I haven’t played in awhile – and it had the strongest sound of all the drums. Soon, however, the rhythm overtook me. The drum began to play me; I was controlled by the vibrations which were penetrating the atmosphere. 

No, I wasn’t on drugs. I truly felt one with the universe in that moment, more than I have in ages. It is the vibrations of energy which we send out into the universe which come back to us. This is the core foundation of manifestation. 

Since The Magician is aligned with Mercury in astrological terms, this tells us the Magician really is about mind over matter. How we direct our energy and where we focus it will make the difference in the results we get in life.

And now that I have realized my paintings not only create my own reality, but also provide psychic insight into the lives of others, I am no longer afraid to wield my wand. 

I am The Magician. 


Heather XO

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