Waiting for Harvest

August 1st marked Lammas, the holiday which celebrates the first harvest of the season. In Spring, we plant our seeds with faith that months later we will receive the well-earned fruits of our labor. In Autumn, we celebrate the work we have done to earn our bread.

In the Tarot, the Seven of Pentacles is the card which represents the in-between time; that middle place where the seeds have been planted, yet no flowers have bloomed. The young man whose gaze rests on his plants, leaning on his garden hoe and yearning for the moment they will come to fruition. He paints the picture of someone who has put in the work, but has yet to yield results.

As for me, I’ve known for months that I would not begin to come into my own until the timing was right. There were too many obstacles for things to just be easy and readily handed over to me. No, there would be hard work and sacrifice required on my part. This has really always been the way things have been; some people draw what they need naturally, while others have to fight for it.

Detroit Abloom, 248 Manistique (7.24.21)

Sometimes, the lesson is about realizing not all soil is fertile ground. If we plant our seeds in places where there is not enough light, our plants will not grow. If there is too little access to water, they will fail. If there are not enough pollinators in the area, the plants, again, will not do as well. There are many critical elements to making plants grow, just as there are several components to making a business work.

Planting my seeds in places they will grow is the first, most important step I did not realize when I first began as a professional reader. If we plant ourselves in places where we do not receive our fundamentals, then a bountiful harvest will be unlikely at the end of the season. The foundation must be healthy for a successful venture to thrive.

Puffball Mushroom in my yard last week, under the rose bush

That being said, it’s also important not too spread seeds out too far where we cannot tend to them, either. We need to keep an eye on the plants we put out in the world. Otherwise, they can become overgrown with weeds, become infested with mites, or cross-pollinate.

The most important lesson of the Seven of Pentacles, in my mind, goes back to a conversation I had with my child a few years ago. She was sitting, staring at her phone for a response from her older cousin. My words to her were, “Don’t ever sit and watch your phone. There are always other things you can do while you are waiting for the thing you want to happen.”

Harvest 2020

So, you’ve planted the seeds, right? But aren’t there other things to work on while you wait for the blossoms to bloom? You know the answer is yes, so let’s get started – what’s on your list today? There’s no time like the present.

Love, Heather XO

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