Ace in the Hole

Let’s talk about Aces today. When you work with the Minor Arcana in the Tarot, it’s essentially the same as using a fancy pack of regular-old playing cards. You’ve got your Ace, King, Queen – even the Jack makes his appearance as the Knight. Only the Page (and Major Arcana, of course) cards are omitted from your standard deck. 

If you know standard playing cards, you understand the card which represents the number one is the Ace. This is reflective in Tarot as well, which means Aces are the first card to begin each suit. Number one is the beginning, which is exactly how we read Aces in the Tarot – as the start of something. They also represent the purest form of the energy associated with them, so the Ace of Swords is the most clear and cutting of all the cards in that suit. 

The Aces are most concerned with the elemental property they associate with: 

  • Wands – Fire
  • Cups – Water
  • Swords – Air
  • Pentacles – Earth

When you pull an Ace in your reading, it means something new (associated with the element of the card) is being offered, is happening, or is about to happen to you. The large hand in the Rider-Smith Deck in each Ace holds the object being present to you. It is up to you to determine if you are willing to accept.

New Beginnings

Two weeks ago, the store I perform readings out of, Tranquility313 held our official grand opening (Ace of Pentacles). The next day, I worked my first show at the farm in Standish and met a lot of new people. I also experienced a drum sound meditation there which was incredible, altering my perspective of life (Ace of Cups).

Three days later my boyfriend, Will, had surgery to remove his entire prostate in hopes of eradicating an aggressive cancer which had appeared earlier this year, right after we met (Ace of Swords, Ace of Wands reversed.) Only two days after that, I accepted a position at a restaurant waiting tables because my Tarot hasn’t quite picked up as quickly as I had hoped – even with advertising (Ace of Pentacles reversed.)

Between readings at T313, Will’s surgery and the follow-up appointments, the new waitressing gig, my best friend and her coffee parties, my kid going back to school, and the animals (I have three), I have very little free time for myself at the moment. It’s a good problem to have because it means I can make enough to support our house by myself but man is it a challenge sometimes – and I just started, ha!

My ace in the hole is my attitude. It is what keeps me going through all these difficult and challenging times. Will is having a hard time with his boredom and wants to return to work. It’s my job to make sure he stays home and recovers so his scrotum doesn’t swell up like a balloon. (Seriously, the RN warned us about that a couple days ago.)

My goal with him at this moment is to keep him rested and spending time visualizing his recovery, instead of feeding his negativity because he wants to be better faster, when he simply cannot. I gave him my singing bowls to play with (yes, I bought some after that drum meditation session – Ace of Cups again) and gave him a space lamp to stare at while he is relaxing and healing. Hopefully, it will help him get through this without too much difficulty. The good news is, his Ace of Wands is recovering. 

We go back to the hospital next week to see whether the doctor caught all the cancer or if there is any remaining. I’m keeping the Star and the King of Wands together in my pocket until that time. 

peAce be with you. 

Much love, 

Heather Defresne

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