Telling Our Truth

Trigger warning: This article contains sensitive content which may be disturbing to some readers.

“Death don’t have no mercy, in this land.”

– Gary Davis

Another dead dog  – two, actually. I didn’t find the bodies this time around, thank God. Yet, the deaths were connected to me in a circuitous way, as per usual. I have a sense of guilt over the one, whereas I was not involved in the second death – it was just strange timing. 

The Reading

It started in July, after I gave a Tarot reading to a friend’s mom. I saw in the cards that she was going to have a fall on the stairs of her home. I believed it was related to her dog knocking her down. She told me the dog was aggressive towards anyone outside the home so she kept him on a leash, even on the stairs. I asked her to discontinue using the leash on the stairs because this reading was a warning. 

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The Attack

She agreed, and everything seemed okay until the beginning of August. The dog got outside and charged at some neighbors, snapping his jaws at them while they stood on top of their car to evade his bite. Mom had lost control of him in the house and he burst out the door straight across the street at the men standing there. There was nothing she could do to stop him. He became a clear and present danger – to me, at least. 

Despite the aggressive episode, she continued to try to train him in hopes she would eventually get him under control.  In reality, she knew if she gave him up, he would have to be euthanized. As an animal lover, she wasn’t willing to let that happen. However, she wasn’t paying attention to the signs. 

The Signs

If you ever watch any of those crime dramas, there is one that says something in the intro like, “If there were signs, would you notice them?” I mean, would you? It’s a real question because oftentimes there are many warning signs about people we get involved with, jobs we accept, and even items we purchase. Were there poor reviews for the company you wanted to buy that cool (cheap!) gemstone necklace from? If so, perhaps you shouldn’t haven’t ordered from them, eh? Ahem, light-up tapestry on Facebook purchase. Scammed. 

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Thing is, I did see the signs with this dog, but it wasn’t my decision to make, see? In my mind, I was powerless to change anything. I am not a believer in trying to control the lives of other people. I try to follow the mantra of Bad Religion: We have no control. This is where Mom was getting it wrong – she thought she could control the situation.

And I would eventually discover I was wrong in believing I had no choice but to just stand idly by, waiting for something awful to happen.

Warning #2

A couple weeks went by, and I did a reading for myself in the middle of the night. Somehow, my friend’s mom popped up in my reading. I then realized the threat of her dog had not subsided. Seriously doubting whether to bring it up at all, I began questioning myself. Should I tell her? Should I tell my friend? Will they believe me or blow me off? I did several readings that night and decided against speaking out. It felt like I was dealing a death sentence to her beloved, yet dangerous, pet. 

When I saw my friend a few days later, she told me of a psychic vision she had about someone else. She warned the woman about what was going to happen to her; she told me she’d felt obligated as a psychic to do so. Of course, this set off the trigger for me about the dog, again. 

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Despite my previous decision to keep quiet, her statement made me rethink my own obligations as a psychic reader. I had to warn her about her mother. If she were to be attacked by her own dog, or badly injured by his strength (in reverse) because he knocked Mom over, I would never be able to forgive myself for not saying something when I saw something. 

Final Warning

My latest cards had told me it would happen in October. I’d hoped they would heed my advice, despite the heartbreak I knew it would cause.  The next day, my friend was up in the middle of the night, and shone a light on the floor so she wouldn’t trip.

She’d been meditating on the dog and what to do. When she flashed her light down, it pointed directly onto a toy skeleton on the floor juxtaposed beside a black shoe insert, resembling a foot print. For my friend, that was the final warning she needed.

Parallel Misexistences

Sadly, her mother’s dog has left this plane of existence. It’s only been five days. Two days ago, before I learned of his euthanization, my work colleague told me about another dog.

Someone he knows also had an aggressive dog of the same breed. This dog, however, physically attacked someone, then turned on his owner and landed them both in the hospital! This dog was put to sleep – he was deemed too dangerous to keep alive. I don’t know for sure that the incidents happened on the same day, but I do know they both happened within about 48 hours of each other.

I’m a believer in (some) coincidences, but I also pay attention to signs and synchronicity. This unrelated event, with what could have been her own mother, was a reminder that it was inevitable. Dangerous creatures attack people; we’ve all seen countless documentaries with people trying to tame animals like hippos and bears.

Spoiler alert: It never ends well. 

Finally, the Tarot card…

RiderSmith Deck & Black Moon Astrology Deck Correspondence

Queen of Swords was my advice card yesterday morning. As advice, she asks us to cut all nonsense away. No self-doubt, no confusion about who we are or what we should do, no emotional garbage, and certainly no passive-aggressive behaviors. She has no need for them. The Queen of Swords also asks us to wield our sword of truth and tell others when things need to be said, whether we want the responsibility or not. 

Despite my fear of being honest about my own inner truths with most people (this comes from being emotionally abused), I can still learn to tell them without emotional attachment – which is where Queen of Swords comes in. This is the most important part, because once your voice raises and you start getting upset about a problem – even if it is valid – all is lost.

At that point, people pay attention to your volume and not your words. Regardless of whether the message is accurate, the delivery is key to being heard (and more importantly, understood). Know your audience. 


Heather XOXO

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