Just Keep Going

Eight of Cups Asks Us to Move On.

Now that summer has ended, it is time to depart from the ways of warm days. Entering into the season of Libra, coupled with Mercury in Retrograde, it is time to retreat just a bit. We are in a period of transition; the vibrational pull of the collective consciousness is unforgiving in its directive. We have no choice but to carry on, despite what we must leave behind. 

For some people, these changes will be minor inconveniences caused by weather changes and school being in session. For others, bigger changes are on the horizon. People are getting married, having babies, and plotting world domination. Personally, I had to make a decision about whether to give up my slot at Tranquility313. 

Making Tough Decisions

You might remember a couple weeks ago, when I tried to quit my job at the restaurant but decided to give it another shot. It only took a few days before I had to accept reality: There is simply not enough time in my life to spread myself between the job and my booth, plus all the upcoming events I have scheduled in October. And certainly not enough time to write my blog, which is important to me too!

The Eight of Cups is about leaving things behind as they stand, and accepting what is. No more grieving over losses, the time for the Five of Cups has passed. There is always a period of mourning when any relationship ends. This can last for days, months, years – it depends on the strength of the ties and what the foundation of the relationship was based upon. This is why we can move on quickly from some relationships but grieve others for years, even decades. Just look at Queen Victoria – she was in mourning for forty years. Maybe she had no choice. 

In my life, I have come to realize that my very nature is transitional, despite being a Taurus Sun. My Gemini Moon causes me to get bored in situations very quickly, not to mention the effect bipolar disorder has on my moods. This has led to me to experience a lot of different things – think Jack of all trades, but master of none. I have learned to be okay with this. 

The Tower Day 9/11/2021

The cycle at Tranquility313 was complete once I realized my job was done there. The energy stopped flowing for me once I went into the box. This can be a metaphor for the booth itself – remember, I upgraded once Rose left us – or it can mean the restaurant. They are both boxes. 

Money Goes Where Energy Flows

The difference at the restaurant is that I am constantly moving there. This allows my energy to flow in circles, which is better than stagnating. There were several days when I wanted to get to the booth but couldn’t due to time constraints or traffic/car issues. Then, when I would arrive, I would sit and wait with no clients walking in. Not that the store didn’t have clients at times, they just weren’t flowing to me. 

This is the thing though, I think my vibration is starting to reflect that I am not interested in giving readings for money anymore. It’s beginning to feel like my true purpose with the cards is not aligned with profiting from others’ hopes, fears, and dreams. It would be more beneficial to focus on shifting my energy in another direction. 

Here’s why: My intention with Tarot is guided by higher energies/entities, so I feel pulled to explore people’s subconscious and their true nature. Most people are not ready for this. And unfortunately sometimes, I discover things I don’t really want to know. 

Many who pay for a reading have never had one done, or if they have, don’t really understand what it means. Of course, this is great to get new clients, but most of them are seeking easy answers and are not willing to truly explore themselves. There are some who are more open and are unafraid to hear the truth about what I have to say. Those few querents shine brightly. 

Fare Thee Well

This week will be my last at T313. I have another festival lined up at Wild Wind Farm on October 9th, where I will have a 10×10 canopy/tent set up outside for readings. Hopefully, it won’t be too chilly that day. It’s right near the water. This will be my second to last show of the year; the last will be the Witches’ Bazaar on October 30th, finished off with the Witches Ball in the evening. 

It’s time to say goodbye to the ways that were not working and move onto what brings in the money – a regular job. It may not be glamorous and it’s not always fun, but I sure like knowing my rent will be paid at the end of the month. I’m not giving up on doing readings, but I will no longer be trying to rely on them to pay my bills. 

It’s not the way I am supposed to go. I can see this now. My path is different. I’m not sure why, but it is not meant for me – not now. Perhaps, there are greater things in store. 

“And I’ll try, yes, Lord, I’ll try…to carry on.” Come Sail Away just came on my playlist randomly. Perfect timing. Always makes me think of Cartman. Come sail away with me, you guys.  

Circle of Remembrance – This Zinnia flower surprised me in my memorial garden in mid-September
Forging A New Path

Two days ago, a man at one of my tables told me his mother taught him the secret to a long life, which is to get up each day and just keep trying. I told him and his wife about my brother, and how we lost him six years ago; how I keep going for him, and my upcoming walk for suicide awareness on the 16th. 

About a minute later in the kitchen, a chocolate syrup bottle exploded on another server and she called for my help. I assisted, and afterward I looked down and saw a tiny chocolate syrup mark on my arm. It looked like a semi-colon. Just keep going, I thought. And that’s what we have to do. 

Just keep at it, no matter what the universe brings.   

Much love, 

Heather XO

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