Lovers Reversed – Fare Thee Well

Blinded By Noises
Seeking Fertility In Decadence
Eating Cheese With A Spoon
Playing Chess With The Moon

Plucking The Days Off
Neglecting Your Divine Ice Bucket
Pretense Of Ignorance Through Bliss
Juxtaposition Of Sadness Amiss

The Swords Are Real Sharp
Butter Melts On Burnt Blueberry Waffles
Mouth Is As Dry As a Bone
Parched As You Sit Here Alone

Accepting The Loss Of One’s Limb Or Life
Does Not Mean There Is No Fire Within
Looking Glass Mirror Reflects The Chagrin

Yellow Ledbetter
Provides Some Solace And Incoherence
While Gratitude Stands By Cast Aside
Waiting For The Right Time To Turn The Tide

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