Heather Defresne

Spirit Painter | Tarot Reader

Heather Defresne – Tarot Reading at Renaissance Fest | Holly, MI August 2022

Welcome to Esoteric Dreamers, a home for those who are seeking to learn more about spirituality, the spirit world, and everything in between. My name is Heather Defresne; I am a tarot reader and clairvoyant artist, also known as a “spirit painter.” 

I discovered my gift for psychic paintings in 2014, after a bout of homelessness left me living in a women’s shelter. It was a difficult time for me, living with my child and several other women, all under the same roof. We lived that way for six months.

As the old adage goes, “the only way out is through.” It was the paint brush that really kept me going. I was not particularly talented, nor do I feel I am anything special, even today, in regard to my artistic abilities. My mother is an exceptional painter whose works can be found in homes and on buildings nationwide. Next to her, I feel like a speck in the art world – if that. 

One picture I created a few months before landing in the shelter was a pastel on canvas (see below). The image was of a man with a guitar strapped to his back, carrying a bindle resembling a human heart, sort of resting on his shoulder. The wanderer was purple-haired, blue-skinned, and his face was towards the desert mountains ahead, not facing the viewer. 

Three years later, I would meet an undocumented resident from Belgium who played the guitar and lived in a hostel. I’d go on to marry him but he would end up leaving us; taking his guitar with him, headed to Las Vegas only 5 months later. 

Untitled, March 2014

This piece of artwork was my first realization that I had created something that came to life. Whether by manifestation, or psychic precognition, I didn’t know, but the drawing I created happened. It became reality, which was both good and bad. What I didn’t understand at the time was that I was not the one who made it happen, not really. If manifestation really worked like that, I could simply paint myself in a pile of money and never have to work again. The truth is, I painted something that was already destined to happen. 

When I made that drawing it was for the purpose of saying goodbye to an old partner, not predicting the downfall of the future one. I had no bias towards trying to fulfill a purpose or prove my work would come true, because I didn’t even know I had the gift at the time. It would not be until summer 2019 that my paintings would really begin to come to fruition. 

That autumn, I would read a book by Stephen King, Duma Key, which I believe had an influence on my ability to acknowledge the concept of psychic painting. However, realizing that King is a fictional author, it is difficult to separate the art from the nuggets of truth in his stories. Thankfully, I recently discovered another (non-fictional) artist with the same gift, Marian Spore Bush – the original spirit painter. 

I found her quite by accident, while reading a book about hauntings in Michigan by some local authors. Bush was born in Bay City, MI in the late Victorian era. She suffered no hauntings, but rather experienced a psychic connection with spirits whom she referred to in her book titled, They. Discovering Bush gave me the fortitude to accept that I am not alone in this gift, however rare it is.

Mrs. Bush was also an advocate for the homeless population of Brooklyn, NY. She founded a food line to serve the hungry members of her community during the Great Depression years. I am proud to say I am following in her footsteps, as I have recently also begun working for a local homeless shelter in Jackson County, MI.

My journey has come full circle.

Since 2014, life has been long and arduous, for me and many others across the globe. It is imperative we find strength in the places which we are gifted; and turn not away from the obstacles placed in our path but face them with intention, knowing what our talents are. It is through the gift of God’s grace that we shall work together to come to a common goal. 

Those words might turn some away from what I have to say, as the Christian church has harmed many people. I understand the desire to shy away from God, because religion and politics have attempted to usurp the truth of all that is and shall be. Yet, that does not destroy the light of the spirit. It simply means we must work harder and not give into the darkness which has overtaken so many souls. 

I am not here to convince people to change their religion, but I am here to discuss how spirituality affects all aspects of our lives. This includes the spirit world, ascended masters, demons, angels, and the Holy Trinity. Other topics I will discuss may include psychic defense, using the Tarot for insight, repelling ghosts, and what to do if you think you (or your house) might be haunted. 

If you would like to ask me a question about your situation, please feel free to message me at esotericdreamers@gmail.com