Heather Defresne

Spirit Painter | Tarot Reader

Heather Defresne, Founder and Creator of Esoteric Dreamers

The main purpose of Esoteric Dreamers is to teach people how to discover the answers they are seeking by looking within themselves. I consider my regular Tarot practice, along with my coffee, tea, and oracle readings, to be forms of meditation – ones which allow me to use imagery as a method of insight. My paintings are reflections of my subconscious, unrealized thoughts – and nearly always manifest themselves in some form after I have painted them.

Mental Illness Awareness Advocate

As someone who has struggled with the battle of living with mental illness since 1995, I’ve found the Tarot to be a particularly useful tool. It provides me an opportunity to explore what is going on within my own head when I am not seeing things clearly. My formal diagnoses are bipolar disorder II (1998) and borderline personality disorder (2014).

My youngest brother left us in 2015; he took his own life, which created a mental chasm which my family has yet to recover from nearly seven years later. Suicide is still highly stigmatized, despite the commonality of it in American society. It is something “wE dO’nT TaLk aBoUt.”

Guess what? I talk about it, because this is how we save lives.

Here’s the thing, though: We, as a planet, are experiencing an enormous shift right now. The challenges we are facing now are only going to get more difficult. We must fight through it, or we will not make it. That’s the reality.

If you are struggling with a difficult issue at the moment, get help from someone you trust. As Mr. Rogers put it, “Look for the helpers.”

If you have no one you can trust, it might be time to look elsewhere. You are never alone, even when your brain fools you into believing you are.