Lovers Reversed – Fare Thee Well

Blinded By Noises Seeking Fertility In Decadence Eating Cheese With A Spoon Playing Chess With The Moon Plucking The Days Off Neglecting Your Divine Ice Bucket Pretense Of Ignorance Through Bliss Juxtaposition Of Sadness Amiss The Swords Are Real Sharp Butter Melts On Burnt Blueberry Waffles Mouth Is As Dry As a Bone Parched AsContinue reading “Lovers Reversed – Fare Thee Well”

Feeling Confused Right Now? You’re Not Alone

Doubts of existentialism: “Who am I? Why am I here? Am I making the right decisions? Where should I go next?”
Doubts of extrinsic values: “Can I trust this person? Who is right and wrong when it comes to moral superiority? Does this place/person/thing support what I believe in?”