Heather Defresne

Spirit Painter | Tarot Reader

My inspiration often comes to me when I am least suspecting. It is fascinating how the mind works; we have many ideas buried in our subconscious waiting to burst forth. Our dreams can also be guides to the hidden messages our higher selves are waiting to discover.

My gift for prophetic paintings developed over the course of the 2010 decade. I didn’t know back then that I was painting the future. The last painting on this page shows, Transition, or Death. That would be the final painting I would create with the imagery of a graveyard or death themes, because shortly after painting it there was a sudden tragedy in the family. Even if the prediction came true, it’s not something I want to focus my energy on anymore. There is enough death in the world as it is.

These days, I try to focus my energy on positive outcomes in my paintings. I look to spirit to guide me when it is time to create. As I mentioned in my discussion about spiritism, I do not practice directly with spirits; I am not a typical medium. However, I am in contact with them in my own ways, with one of those being through my art.