Heather Defresne

Spirit Painter | Tarot Reader

Do you believe in ghosts? Spirits? Angels? If not, why not? Probably because you haven’t been paying attention.

To begin, let us be clear about spirits – they are not ghosts. To define a spirit, one would have to look to the idea of the ethereal body. Essentially an embodiment of the soul – as opposed to the physical body, the ethereal body is not something that can be seen. It’s the invisible juice inside of us which connects us to all things.

Spirits can travel between the two sides of the veil. An American Indian told me once that his people do not believe in heaven or hell. Their belief is that there is only the spirit world, and those who choose to reincarnate come because they want to experience the breath of human emotion. In the spirit world, he explained, the only feeling present is love. To feel anything else, a spirit must choose to become human once again. On Earth, spirits are ever-present, whether we see them or not.

Ghosts, in contrast, have been described by many psychic researchers as a loop of trapped energy which keeps replaying over time, like a movie. The image of a figure which continues to reappear in the same place may seem to be a spirit, but it is not one. Compare it to purgatory; the person is unaware they are dead and cannot accept what has happened, so they keep reappearing until they can have closure.

Now that we know the difference between spirits and ghosts, let’s explore spiritism. The idea behind it includes the hierarchy of God ruling over, but encompasses angels, demons, spirits (including the Holy Spirit), and ascended masters (including Christ). It is this hierarchy which allows for the acceptance that there is a universal being at the top – known as God to many, but there are other names – while still allowing for the recognition of our presence on Earth after death as spirits.

My practice does not involve contact with spirits. For those who wish to communicate with deceased loved ones, I highly recommend you find a professional medium to guide you. The spirit world can be dangerous, as there are many beings out there which want to deceive you, and possibly possess you. It is imperative that a professional is present if you choose to make those connections.